Turf Calculator: the Artificial Grass Calculator

Now find out how much turf is required, in just one click

Turf Calculator: the Artificial Grass Calculator

Now find out how much turf is required, in just one click

Several ways of getting the area to be calculated

Landscape Designer TURF offers you a comprehensive set of tools for calculating. You can draw the area from scratch or you can  import a DWG/DXF drawing or import a plan view in JPG, PNG or PDF. To size the image accurately we included a tool for Rescaling using a Known Distance.

Save time with Moasure®

Combining Landscape Designer TURF with Moasure ONE is the best solution to save time when measuring up areas. Thanks to our direct import of the CSV files generated by Moasure ONE, you’ll get instantly the area to be calculated inside our software.

Automated calculation

Landscape Designer TURF offer you a very simple but powerful function that calculates automatically the optimized layout of the artificial grass with minimal roll waste.

Manage complex shapes

Syntethic lawns can come in many shapes and sizes with various different obstacles getting in the way. Thanks to the easy but so powerful tools available in Landscape Designer TURF you will be able to create any complex area with just few clicks.

Automatic Bill of Material

Landscape Designer TURF generates a complete list of materials. The turf calculations will be automatically updated everytime you change the area or just one of the customizable parameters.

Customizable parameters

Landscape Designer TURF offers you the possibility to customize all the necessary parameters. You can adjust length and width of the artificial grass rolls, you can set up the layout direction, the extra roll length, etc. We also let you customize the extra components for your syntethic lawn installation such as the supplied glue in a bucket, the joining tape length, the number of pins in a pack, etc.

Print or export the results

bill of materials for every artificial grass installation will include all the parts that make up the installation such as turf rolls, joint tape, nails, glue, sand, anti-weed mebrane, etc. , including the quantities required of each component and their cost. The report is customizable, so you will decide what to include in the list.

Once done, you can print it or export it in PDF or DWG.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you are not satisfied for any reason, simply return the software within 14 days for a full refund.

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